Personalised Wine Glass and Bottle Holder



What better way to spend the evening than sharing a nice bottle of wine (or six) with friends and family.

This personalised wooden wine glass holder is suitable for dinner parties, weddings and special occasions. Made from 15mm Hevea wood it holds four wine glasses or Champagne flutes along with your favourite bottle of wine.

It can be personalised in any way you want, for example individuals names, a smart saying or quote, graphics and pictures or even a warning not to drink more than your share !!

205mm x 205mm x 15mm
Centre hole 35mm diameter

PLEASE NOTE – Wood is a natural product and all slightly different pieces are slightly different – we like this – it’s boring to all be the same! So whether a personalised gift to give or an engraved treat for you create a memory we know you will like these. Please remember natural beauty is not always perfect and the same is for the wood- love the fact they are not all the same!

Care Notice : Please note do not put in the dishwasher and do not leave to dry, take care to dry once washed in warm soapy water.